Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is Palmer's cocoa butter effective in lightening dark scars?

I have several dark scars on my legs left by eczema. I spent a lot of money on chemical peeling to expensive whitening products. It left my skin blotchy and the skin tone uneven. So I want to even out my skin tone and fade the dark scars. I heard Palmer%26#039;s cocoa butter is a good product. But is it really effective?|||solution: dermaline skin whitening cream or lotion..

this safe and potent formula can get rid of dark skin spots.

proper use is the key to achieving good results..|||Yes but you won%26#039;t see immediate results. Try mederma.

What is the best medicine or creme for acne scars?

There dark but lightning up a little.|||I do a chemical peel on my face, but I have white skin and have dark scars, I don%26#039;t know what it will do for dark skin with scars..

I sure help though, it give you a bad sun burn look for a week then when it peel off, it like a baby soft new face....worth looking into...|||

They have a chemical peel that about 15 dollars, and it last over a year, you can do a facial chemcial peel every few month and it keep skin cell on your face turning over to make new health looking skin, and removes the dead skin cells, and age spot.. Report Abuse
|||u can try MEDERMA|||I was told dermabrasion works, but costs a bit.

I think you might ask a dermatologist about a cream that lightens.

How to get rid of uneven pigmentation and pimple scars on the cheeks?

For mild scars and pigmentation, use a treatment program that combines microdembrasion and smoothbeam. Use lots of strong sunblock and avoid the sun. Tans temporarily even you out, but the pigmentation spots look worse when the tan finally fades out. The added benefit of this program is that smoothbeam will clear active acne and reduce breakouts in the future.

For deeper scarring, a new laser treatment called Fraxel provides excellent results, and is usually available from upscale dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

A long-term skin rejuvenation program might include both treatments under a dermatological surgeon over the course of several months.

Good luck!|||There are creams out there that will help with this problem. Here is an example of one :鈥?/a>

I believe AVON also makes one as well. You can also try seeing a dermatologist to see if he/she can help.

Good luck! :)|||I believe that pimple scarring will be permanent but you can lighten their appearance. You can correct the uneven pigmentations into your face by using some skin lightening/diana stalder products.|||dermaline skin whitening cream..

it%26#039;s potent enough to get rid of dark skin pigmentations.

How do i get rid or reduce chicken pox scars ?

When i was 10 i got chicken pox. I am 13 now and i have been left with nasty scars that look like nettle stings on my chest. Does anyone know a way to reduce or get rid of the scars ? Thanks XD|||Haha, I have the same thing. Got a single, fair sized scar smack bang in the middle of my boobs and a couple on my hips.

Put Bio oil on them if you really hate them and it should reduce the scarring, but you could just try and accept them and think they%26#039;re cute. (:|||bio oil

What can I use to clear up my acne scars?

ppl say that im a really pretty girrl .but i dont see it because of my ance scars so what can i use to get rid of them. but thats cheap because i dont want to spend like $20 on something. i have tried Ambi %26amp; that doesnt work that well. help me out plzz. thank you!|||Well I am dealing with stretch marks and I am using BIO - OIL you can get it at Wal Mart. It is like 12 dollars a bottle and it is working wonders on my stretch marks. It says it works good on acne scars too. It also leaves you skin so smooth|||proactiv,clear-a-sil,nuetrogena!!!|||I think you need to go to a dermatologist.

Only a doctor can help you with removing scars.

good luck.|||avon banishing cream

i used it %26amp; it worked!

good luck!=)

What is the most effective and proven way to remove acne scars?

Nothing is proven as of yet to remove scars, but using Vitamin E and doing microdemabrasion helps to fade the appearance of scars.|||hi

I would advice you to try some home based remedies for skin ,hair and weight problems, this link has some good information it sure did help me so here goes,

good luck|||umn try murad. they have products for post acne marks..鈥?/a>

im using their acne complex and i can say its working.

gudluck!|||Acne scar treatment

(Jamaican) What are the best soaps and or lotions to use when trying to get rid of popped pimple scars?

Things that can be found in stores|||Try bio oil.|||Get a lotion with alpha hydroxy acid. Here are a few products that can be found in your local drugstore:

1) AHA Souffle 12% Glycolic made by Alpha Hydrox it cost like $15.00.

2) Drugstore cheap version made by Walgreens called Walgreens Nature%26#039;s Finest Alpha Hydroxy Face Cream cost only $5.99.

Alpha hydroxy acid help by removing old skin cells. Apply at product at night and make sure to use a sunblock in the morning.

Good luck|||It%26#039;s going to sound a bit strange but the best thing I%26#039;ve found for pimples is nappy rash cream - works a treat and it%26#039;s cheap!